Join me for a deep dive into your practice.

Resetting Your Practice to Become Sustainable + Enjoyable

Have you found yourself with a private practice that is doing well but could be even better? Do you feel as if you are constantly striving and working hard, but having to give up things you love?

Burnout, exhaustion, and feeling like there is never enough to give are not signs of altruism. Rather, these are all signs that you need to figure out your boundaries and find ways to keep refueling yourself.

​Using this workbook you will:

1. Get honest about your schedule so you know what is feeling good and what is feeling like a drag

2. Clarify what you need help with so you can get the right people on your team.

3. Obtain self-enlightenment regarding the clients you want to see so you can really market towards the clients you love.

4. Get the truth about what you like and don't like so you can stop filling your calendar with clients and things that make you unhappy.

5. Become clear about the trade-offs you are making so you can make sure everything you are doing is actually serving your life in some way.

6. Get clear about the schedule you want so you can create your dream schedule and start filling that.

7. Set office hours to put parameters around your phone and email time and give yourself more time off.

8. Paint a clear picture about what success looks like to you and break the cycle of always striving and instead find contentment and sustainability.

Ready to shift your practice so that you can serve others and yourself from an inspired place and create success that feels good? Let’s get started.