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Hello! This week I want to share the Inspired Therapist assessment. It just went up on the site! It was created based on areas I have noticed get out of alignment in my practice and things I often see with the clients I work with. It is super important to have a way to check in with ourselves and our practices so we can see what’s working, what needs improvement and where we want to go.

I often say that it is so easy to go from me running my practice to my practice running me. It’s a slippery slope and I’ve found that checking in often helps keep me from getting too far off track. The key is be consistent with it (think monthly). When we’re busy with clients, it’s easy to say, “I’ll just get to it when things slow down.” On the flip side, when things do slow down, we can find ourselves saying, “I’ll get things into place when my practice gets bigger.”

We all want big, profitable practices, but we need processes and practices in place to sustain them (and our sanity). The most important thing in our business is getting clients through the door and everything we do needs to support this goal. I find when I’m not aligned, I don’t reach out as much- there are things lingering in the background that hold me back. When we set our parameters and feel good about the structure of our business, things start to work, flow, and flourish.

We also need to feel good in business that we are operating. I got out of agency work because I wanted more freedom, but as a private practice owner, it can get overwhelming sometimes. We need to make sure that we’re focusing our energy on the right things to get us where we want to be!

I just took the assessment today to check in on where I am at. See the video here: Facebook live or listen to the podcast above!

Ready to get some clarity on where you are at? Take the free assessment HERE.

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