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Meet Suzana.

In my working with her clients, Suzana likes to tailor her approach to each individual person, and believes that everyone is unique and has their own way of achieving their optimal growth. She uses a combination of psychotherapy techniques and enjoys being creative and thinking outside of the box. She and her clients learn with and from each other and collaboratively make decisions about their treatment. Among many different challenges that Suzana's clients face, working with anxiety disorders is something that she is very passionate about.

How long have you been in private practice? 

I have been in my own private practice for about a year. Prior to that, I briefly rented an office per hour while working at other clinics/organizations simultaneously.

How long have you been in your current office?

I have just moved into my current office last month!

What has changed the most about your space?

What has changed the most about my space is that the current office has a lot of natural light, which allowed me to bring in more plants and with them, warmth and coziness to the place. 

What is you favorite thing about your office? 

Natural light and the way colors came together are my favorite things about the office. It is also a reflection of me, as I decorated it myself and brought in a lot of personally meaningful details, which my clients recognize and appreciate. 

What makes your office unique? 

My goal is to make the office appear like a cozy living room and safe haven. Psychotherapy is a very difficult process and through use of comfortable space, I try to make it easier and more soothing for my clients.

If you could sum up your space in one word, what would that word be? 


What advice do you have for others as they are creating/updating their offices? 

Advice that I would give to others as they are creating/updating their office spaces is to start with themselves and think about what kind of space they would feel most comfortable in. What speaks to them, and what, in their heart, feels right. The space that you would like to spend a lot of your time in, is the place that visitors would be likely to gladly spend their time in it, too.

Learn more and connect with Suzana on Instagram: @suzanasjenicic

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