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Meet Kelsie.

Kelsie a licensed MSW and works as a Child & Family Therapist. Her focus is working with families who are experiencing homelessness or at risk for such. She loves working with the whole family and is currently finishing her psychotherapy certification in perinatal (pregnancy and postpartum) mental health. She focuses on supporting mothers through this albeit beautiful, yet very sensitive time.

How long have you been in private practice? 

I’m actually not in private practice, but I’ve been a licensed social worker and family therapist for about one year! I work for a local nonprofit in Little Rock, AR, called Our House Shelter. We are a community organization that serves individuals and families who either unhoused or experiencing family instability.  

How long have you been in your current office?

I have been here 2.5 years (was formally a family stability case manager and got to keep my space).

What has changed the most about your space?

I have been trying to minimize the junk (even if it’s cute) and really focus on what NEEDS to be in there. At first, I just wanted everything to be aesthetically pleasing, now I’m trying to channel good vibes and make an environment that’s not over stimulating, as well as being conducive for sensory integration needs for children, adolescents, & families.  

What is you favorite thing about your office? 

The lighting. I’ve worked hard to not have to use overhead lighting with lamps, but I also I have a large window that brings in lots of natural light. 

What makes your office unique? 

I’ve worked hard to create a space, that’s safe, cozy, & functional for humans of all ages. I want it to feel like a therapeutic break. I get lots of comments on the vibes, even from fellow coworkers when we have meetings in my office.

If you could sum up your space in one word, what would that word be? 


What advice do you have for others as they are creating/updating their offices? 

Close your eyes and envision your safe space. What are the vibes? What does it look and feel like? Next, envision the clients that use the space most often, what are their needs? What needs do they have that haven’t been met? Now, go sit in your space and do the exercise again and envision YOUR needs and your clients needs being met together. Open your eyes? What can you bring to or get rid of in the space? Bring items like fidget/sensory toys, books, functional materials to eye level for them.

A safe place is simple, but inviting and meets the basic needs. If it turns out cute, bonus points but being playful and functional for all ages has been tough. I really like to sit in my space before and after clients come and go and make sure my space meets the needs for them while they are there but can also be a safe place for me to work. My corner seating are also two large storage trunks! I can make my office versatile by just packing things up and switching things around.

Learn more and connect with Kelsie on Instagram: @breakfree.healing

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