Frustrated By No-Shows

This week I wanted to talk about something that happened in my practice this past weekend...the dreaded no-show.

I know this happens and it’s really not that big of a deal, but for some reason, this time it left me frustrated, aggravated and kind of bitter. For me, feeling like that is a red flag and it led me to ask myself why was I feeling like this? Why were these emotions amplified this time?

After some internal reflection, I realized that I had spent that Saturday at an all day workshop and Sunday I had allotted about 5 hours for work. My client that didn’t show up, left a void during the middle of those hours- leaving me with a dead hour in the middle of my day. My reaction to this hour was an indication that I had stretched myself a little too thin.

Aside from my own personal reflection on how I scheduled myself, I chose to use this as an opportunity to think about how could I change my process to avoid situations like this in the future. I often have higher no-show rates with new clients than existing clients and I do not charge new clients for no-shows. I came up with some new policies to play around with. I can schedule my new clients at the end of the day so if they cancel, I could just go home and not have to wait around my office. Or have my virtual assistant call them the day before to confirm their appointment. Or charge new clients up front to hold their appointment.

By shifting certain aspects like this in my practice, I can protect myself from getting frustrated in the future, and we can always be refining our process.

It’s important to listen to ourselves and our feelings so that we can work in a way that makes us feel good. We’re the best at our job when we are freely giving, not when we feel like we are sacrificing something to be there.

We need to check-in and update our policies, procedures and prices to make sure that they are in alignment with where we are in our business now. What worked for you a year or two ago, may not be working for you now. This can cause negative feelings if left untreated, so be sure to get clear about your boundaries.

Things To Think About

How is your process?

What is your process?

Is it still working for you?

If not, why isn’t it working for you?

Where do you need to change things?

Keep in mind that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to create your processes, policies or pricing, but make sure that you’re comfortable with them. Don’t charge a certain amount or have a particular cancellation policy just because someone said to do it that way.

Take a minute and think about it as your client would. If you feel good about your decisions, then you’re going to feel confident about how you run your practice. Be sure to check-in every so often so that you can keep in alignment and continue growing. We put so much of ourselves into our work and our practice, we need to make sure that we’re honoring ourselves!

Now I want to know how you handle new clients in your practice and what has worked to reduce the no-show rate with your new clients!

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