The Critical Importance of Taking the Very First Step Toward Your Goals

I feel a bit funny saying this as I’ve only just begun, but I am writing a book! Although I have written just 3,000 of the 60,000 words I’ll need, I want to share the principles I’ve been applying that has made this dream more of a reality than ever before.

You don’t need to have everything in place.

The inspiration to start this new endeavor came to me during a session with my business coach. I was in the middle of a journaling exercise when it hit me: I need to write a book! Although I didn’t even have a word program installed on my computer I was compelled to follow this gut instinct and started using TextEdit to collect my thoughts and begin the writing process. You don’t need everything to be perfect before you take your first step. What resources do you have at your disposal that you can use to get started today?

Find an expert to ask for help.

You may notice this is a bit of a recurring theme for me but that’s only because I know how important it is to have guidance. When I decided to make this book happen I hired a writing coach who aligned with my style and found a writing system to follow called Gateless Writing which I have fallen in love with. If I hadn’t committed to a coach and a system, I’m almost positive I would have quit writing after week one.

Determine your motivation.

What is motivating you? Writing a book has been a way for me to gain credibility, share lessons I’ve learned, and has been a cathartic journey as I’ve had to dive deep into my spiritual and religious experiences. Before you begin pursuing your goal, allow time for introspection so you can discover what is fueling your dream. It will act as a compass on your journey forward.

What dream have you been holding in your heart? I encourage you to utilize these principles as you pursue your goal so it can finally become your reality.

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