How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes of First-Time Private Practice Owners

There are two different types of business founders: those who have everything ready and those who don’t know where to begin. Both types bring something special to a new business, and both have their pitfalls.

Personally, I tend to have a “start with what you have and figure it out as you go” philosophy. If you’re like me, I want to help make sure you don’t end up overwhelmed or lost. Some of you cringe at the thought of starting a business without every detail accounted for, and this post will help guide you through the basics so you can begin your practice with confidence.

Be Happy With Your Starting Place First, be grateful for wherever you start; “do not despise humble beginnings,” as the old saying goes. I used to long for a bigger practice. I’d seen other people succeed and couldn’t wait to experience that for myself. But now, looking back, if I had gotten what I wanted right when I wanted it, I would have had a huge mess on my hands. Nothing was systemized, important details weren’t accounted for, and I would have realized too late that I wasn’t giving my clients, my business, or myself, what was needed.

Hiring Help Entrepreneurs tend to be independently minded, which means asking for help is often the last thing they want to do. Take it from me, it takes a village to create a thriving practice! Look for people who can take charge of time-consuming tasks. For me, that meant hiring an accountant! That one small decision has saved me countless hours and loads of stress.

Another way I encourage you to utilize others is to stay in touch with other professionals. Have a few colleagues or a supervisor that you can turn to for advice or professional opinions. Access to a sounding board like this can help you move forward with confidence and give you a feeling of camaraderie as you build your business.

Mentorship Paperwork is a necessary evil for any business owner. Make your life easier by using templates that are ready for you to use instead of starting from scratch! Keeping yourself legally protected is essential, but search for reputable sources for legal forms before going straight to a lawyer who would likely charge you several times more than what you will find online. I love American Professional Agency, QA Prep, and Practice of the Practice for this.

Systemization If you want to build a thriving practice, it is essential that you implement systems to help you focus on the things that really matter. If you end up wasting time scheduling clients manually or reorganizing every few days there will be no opportunity to grow. Find a system that can automate your record-keeping. Simple Practice has saved me a lot of time and stress.

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