How Embracing the Autumn Atmosphere Can Help You Rediscover Your Priorities

Hello, autumn!

While it hardly feels like fall here in my air-conditioned office, based on the pumpkins invading my Instagram feed, Halloween candy in the grocery store, and the diminishing pages of my calendar, autumn really has arrived.

This fall has been especially interesting because I can actually feel myself wanting to slow down. While discussing this with friends I was reminded of how natural it is for us to flow with the seasons. Spring brings inspiration, summer is meant for growth, fall is a time to harvest, and winter is for rest and hibernation. That means now is the perfect time to check in with what we have planted, what we’ve wished for, dreamed for, and worked for.

As a business owner, I find myself wishing for a full schedule. I’ve been in nonstop action since March and now that I’m feeling myself craving a slower pace of life, I’ve decided to make up the difference by focusing on efficiency. I can keep moving but in a way that utilizes my time and energy to prepare for the calm of winter before it arrives.

Here are some ways I’ll be living more efficiently this fall.

Set Office Hours This fall I’m setting aside a block of time dedicated to responding to emails, returning calls, and tying up any loose ends that I haven’t yet been able to address. If I run out of things to do I’ll use the time to say a prayer for those who need it and surround my clients with loving energy. How easy it is to forget to check in with someone who might need us! Allowing time to check in with ourselves allows us to be better about checking in with others.

Being Fully Present When I am with my son or my husband, I’m going to focus exclusively on them so that the time we spend together is quality time. I will no longer be only partially present because I’m juggling multiple things at once. As tempting as it would be to quickly respond to that email, it will have to wait.

Prioritize Meditation It never fails that my best ideas come to me during meditation. Isn’t it funny how slowing down can be such a great catalyst for efficiency? I know I will be tempted to push my favorite meditation class aside so I can work on another project, but I need to remind myself that I will be twice as efficient afterward.

I am as guilty as anyone of wanting to rush into the next season without taking time to pause and reflect. So often I catch myself trying to live in a perpetual summer of long, busy days, but this year, I’m going to do things differently.

Have you noticed yourself slowing down or craving something different since autumn arrived? I invite you to take a moment to reflect and allow yourself to be inspired by the season.

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