End of Year Reflections

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Wow. 2018 has been a dosey of a year!

I ended 2017 with the birth of my son and my 30th birthday. I had had my practice going for a few years and was grateful that I was able to work until the birth of my son and get right back into the swing of things with clients.

In 2018 I went from earning $143,456 in 2017 to earning $228,749 in my private practice. While taking care of a new baby, staying connected to my husband, going to yoga/working out regularly, creating two podcasts, running new workshops and starting a new business.

As I sit here and reflect, I wonder how that happened. How I was able to make almost 100,000 in one year on top of an already good salary?

The one word that comes to me is support.

I had more support this year than ever before.

At the end of 2017 I decided that I needed to expand my circle of friends. I have read that you are as successful as the five people you spend the most time with and the importance of your core group of friends. And I wanted more people striving, more people growing, more people learning how to be more successful. I love expansion and I wanted more of that.

But I also learned that you can’t just jump into being friends with successful, expansive people if that isn’t your circle. So I hired a coach who had created a successful career coaching others. I hired a woman who uses resonance repatterning to help remove blocks getting in my way. I hired another coach who has started and ran a successful business of yoga studios. I didn’t want people who told me how to be successful without being successful. I wanted people who had done what I want to do. I became friends with other entrepreneurs who help me to think bigger. I attended conferences and joined courses. I also hired a great babysitter to help out with my son and cook nutritious meals and a cleaner. I got the support I needed so that I could celebrate the end of this year as opposed to crawling over the finish line.

“What got you here won’t get you there” - Marshall Goldsmith

I wanted to get to another level so I did the work, put in the money and time, and sought out people to guide me.

I find it interesting the amount of anxiety that arises when I write a blog post honestly sharing my income. My success. I feel like often in our field some success is applauded but too much success is seen as selfish or showy. Somehow it is unethical or unhealthy.

“Pay close attention to people who don’t clap when you win”.

At the end of 2018, like the end of 2017, I am bringing something new into the world and am excited to watch it grow over this next year. I created The Inspired Therapist because it was what I needed and began to create for myself that I want to make accessible to other therapists. Will hiring the right coach make you an overnight success? No. But will surrounding yourself with the right people consistently over time and investing in yourself allow you to reach new levels in your practice and life?


I want a community where we encourage growth and expansion, celebrate each others success and give each other the support we need to reach our full potential and find the right dose of what we are looking for. You may want a six-figure practice or you may want to work a few hours a week. The definition of success may look different for all of us, but the way we feel when we arrive is not only impacted by the attainment of the goal, but in our state of mind as we strive for it and as we work to maintain it.

What is my goal for 2019? More. More of what is important. This year I have been reminded over and over again of the power and clarity that can come from tuning in. I want more of that. I want to give myself more time and space to tune in AND I want to give others way more time and space to tune in. Because it is one thing to do it alone, but there is exponential power in doing it together.

So thank you to all my friends old and new who supported me this year. Thank you for the clarity that has come from this year and this gift of support.

And welcome if you are new to The Inspired Therapist I am so glad you are here. If any of this has resonated with you, I invite you to join me in giving yourself more in 2019. More time and space to tune in, more community support, and more grounded, rooted success.

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