Don't Let Indecision Be the Decision in Your Practice

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Do you ever put things off until it’s either 1. you have to make a decision or 2. time runs out and the decision is made for you? If you answered yes to either one, you’re not alone! We can often get so busy that we just keep putting decisions off so we don’t really have to deal with them. But, it can really affect our energy, our mood and our practice.

The pattern of indecision shifts the energy out of our hands and makes us feel like recipients of the decision instead of creators of the decision. This path of least resistance can lead to unnecessary frustration.

Just take a minute and think about how this surfaces in your practice. It could be notes that are piling up, emails that need to be responded to or loss of new clients (because we don’t get back to them in a timely manner).

This lingering sense of uncertainty can really zap our energy without us even realizing it!

So, how can we get in control?

Grab a pen and paper and ask yourself these questions (daily):

What am I pushing off?

What can I tackle today?

If we do this consistently, we won’t allow these decisions to be hanging over our heads and we’ll be able to tackle things that need to be done to run our practice efficiently, with more energy!


When you grab your pen and paper, take a minute to look around. Where is clutter accumulating? Your inbox? Your desk? Stacks of paper?

Create an Action Plan

After you take a few minutes to check in on what needs to be addressed, start brainstorming your action plan.

Would coming in an hour early for office hours help you tackle these tasks? Maybe an uninterrupted hour on the weekend? Think about what would work with your schedule to tackle these issues as quickly as you can so they don’t start building up.

We need to get out of having passive energy and get into action!

When we are present and making decisions for our practices, I can promise you, things run a lot smoother!

Think of a hedge. They’re growing daily and then all of a sudden they’re 12 feet tall with branches hanging out EVERYWHERE. If it is maintained on a regular basis, it wouldn’t get to that point :)

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that often I don’t want to acknowledge things that I don’t want to or that I think aren’t right.

For example, recently, a light on my husband’s dashboard turned on. It’s a relatively new car, so it shouldn’t have any issues and yet, there is the maintenance light. I have been ignoring it because it’s a new car and that “shouldn't happen”! But it is happening so I should I address it.

Do you do things like that? Do you ignore issues in your practice that need to be addressed?

That’s the exact reason that I created The Inspired Therapist Assessment! It’s a really good way to check-in with yourself and your practice. It will help you get clarity on what is working and what isn’t. As a bonus, you’ll receive helpful hints and tools to bring your energy and focus into alignment in those areas!

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