A Deeper Look at Our Consciousness & How It Affects Our Practice

I’m back with my business bestie, Carolina Vennie, of Yogaleena Yoga Studio & Boutique this week and we’re discussing Eckhart Tolle’s powerful book, A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose!

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What is Our Ego?

One of the main themes of this book is learning how we can shift our consciousness. As you know, this isn’t always easy to do because, well, we all have an ego. And unfortunately, our ego has a way of getting in the way of our awareness which makes it harder to be in the present. Associated with our ego is the sense of yes/no, right/wrong, good/bad, etc. Our ego also tends to hold on to the past and look at the future and is very concerned with status.

So, how can we bring a more centered consciousness and presence to our clients and our work?

As clinicians, it’s super easy to work with a clients ego and not dig deeper to their consciousness. We need to be aware that our ego is not hooking into theirs. One way is to go deeper with them. I like to think of this analogy- am I working with a wood floor or laminate floor? As in, can I keep going through layers and find more (wood)? Or, if I keep digging will I hit nothing underneath (laminate)?

Eckhart shares this helpful quote, “What is my relationship with the present moment?” This is something that we can use to help us and our clients stay in the present. As a therapist and small business owner, we often get caught up in the mechanics of things. For example, say we have a good week with a ton of clients...then, somewhere in the back our mind, a little voice starts questioning if that will happen again. We start to think back and forward - anywhere but NOW. This is when we need to remember the quote above and come back :)

Carolina’s Story

I wanted to get Carolina’s thoughts on the book and what she shared is so insightful! If you don’t know her story, she started doing yoga when she was a stressed out graduate student getting her MBA at Georgetown University while juggling a full-time corporate career. Like many driven people, Carolina had a certain vision in her head about her future- complete with stilettos, a metro pass and a Vice President’s office. (Hear more from our live chat here) But, deep down, she knew that her career wouldn’t be fulfilling, yet she had a hard time separating herself from it. Hello ego!

When she did change her career path and started Yogaleena, she again found herself looking for outside validation. Though she had changed her path, she was still falling into the trap of her ego. This book and other self work have helped her realize that in order to show up the best for her business (and life) she needed to detach from those outside influences- Instagram photos, Yelp reviews, etc. and be her true self. Which is true for all of us! These days it’s so easy to act the part, but it doesn’t mean it’s real.

What is Your Role?

We all have roles in our lives- wife, husband, mom, dad, therapist, daughter, the list goes on- but we need to remember that these are not our whole identity. Of course we have obligations in our roles, but don’t start fragmenting yourself into them.

As Carolina said, “It’s so freeing to allow myself to come through in all my roles as my true self.”

Do you attach yourself to your roles? Take a minute and think about it.

When Tension Arises

Even though our entire purpose on Earth is to awaken and grow, we naturally tend to fight it. And this is when we see tension because it’s resistance to change. Once we (and others) stop fighting it, there is abundant opportunity!

This is something that I’ve been working on both at work and at home. How can I help others to stop resisting so that they can see what else is out there?

How to Help Others

We can truly help others by leading by example. Not to be cliche, but Ghandi had right- “Be the change you want to see in the world”. And it’s so true!

In our live chat, Carolina shares that she is working hard on this one. We all know that when we discover something groundbreaking we want to shout it from the rooftops. But, that isn’t always how people want to hear about it. So, instead of regurgitating what she reads and learns, she’s resisting the urge to share it in that way. She is concentrating on shifting her energy and awareness in a way that people can literally see and feel it.

As Eckhart says in the book- the work starts with you.

If you really want to help people, live it.

Some Things To Think About

How can you shift? How can you express your presence, not your lecture? How can you be the example by your actions, energy and awareness?

For me, this book reinforces that I need to be my best me so that I can show up and help others without saying anything. The more we’re aware, the more we’re able to create space for others :)

Need Some Help?

I combine mentorship with personalized coaching to help you connect inward so that you can work and share from a center place of creativity and inspiration. If you’d like to talk about coaching, contact me today!

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