8 - Finding the Right Office Space for Your Therapy Practice

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Welcome to The Inspired Therapist Podcast.

Today Leanne welcomes guest Craig Melby to walk us through the processes of finding the right office space and negotiating smart lease terms so that our practices can function smoothly and profitably.

As you’re getting ready to open up your practice make sure you know where you fit in the market. Craig says there are 3 types of buildings: A, B, and C. Patients want to feel like the care they are getting is professional and valuable, so you need to position yourself in an office that’s nice, but not too nice.

Your potential clients will likely find you online, so prominent signage isn’t a priority, but location absolutely is. Backward engineer where "your people" are and position yourself there. If you sacrifice location, you’ll pay for it.

Now, when you begin to negotiate your lease, it’s likely that the square footage size of your deal may prevent a leasing agent from being able to fully represent you, so here are some things you may want to know how to do for yourself:

Consider hiring a commercial real estate agent just to look over your lease and add in some clauses to protect you, building in as much flexibility to your lease as possible.

Watch out for the “as is” clause.

Be sure to add in: “subject to hidden defects of building code violations for which the landlord shall remain responsible.”

Thanks for tuning in today!

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