Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Entrepreneurship and continuous learning go hand in hand, and while I know this list is not a complete guide, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite tips for running your own successful private practice!

1. Get liability insurance. This step should certainly not be skipped, so be sure to put it at the top of your to-do list. An attorney recommended American Professional Agency to me, so that is who I use for my practice.

2. Hire a bookkeeper. When I first hired my bookkeeper I was nervous that I would be unable to afford her. At that time I was generating $2000 per month, and I questioned whether I needed an accountant at all. But, bringing her on board has made a tremendous difference. When tax season rolls around I have no worries or fears because I know everything is recorded and balanced. Ask for recommendations from people you trust to find the right accountant for you.

3. Get long-term disability insurance. If you are self­-employed, this is a MUST! If your income depends on your efforts alone and you find yourself unable to work, disability insurance may be your saving grace. Without it, there is no safety net. That is why long-term disability insurance is essential.

4. Find an office management system you love. I LOVE Simple Practice, especially because clients can book appointments online, which makes scheduling much easier. As I allow new clients to book online, I don’t have to play phone tag, and I can even send them the new client paperwork to complete electronically. You don’t need to use Simple Practice, but I recommend finding a similar system and using it right away.

5. Keep your website simple. I built a six-figure business with a wix.com website. While it may not be the perfect tool, it is user-friendly and it works! I can add and adjust my site as needed, and the simplicity of use frees up my time for more important things.

6. Hire a photographer to take some professional photos. Even if you aren’t a fan of having your picture taken, I encourage you to do it anyway! Some photographers cost an arm and a leg, but if you search for some up-and-coming professionals, you can get a really good deal.

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