5 - How Podcasting Can Build Your Private Practice

Welcome to The Inspired Therapist Podcast. Your host Leanne Peterson helps therapists build successful careers and market their private practices while ensuring that they remain an inspired guide to their own clients.

Today Leanne interviews her podcast producer and co-host Natalie Pyles on how podcasting can be used to build a strong therapy practice.

First, let’s talk about “the why.” Podcasting is a way to get your voice out to the world, literally. If forces you to hone your message and develop your voice.

Next, Leanne and Natalie discuss “the how.” There are a few different routes you can take depending on the style of podcast you’d like to have and the percentage of the work you’d like to outsource.

Listen in for expert tips on how to create a podcast that works for you.

Thanks for tuning in!

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