3 - Meet Leanne Peterson: The Inspired Therapist

Welcome to The Inspired Therapist Podcast with Leanne Peterson. Leanne helps therapists build successful careers and market their private practices while ensuring that they remain a source of inspiration to their own clients. She's a business coach for Life Coaches.

Today Leanne’s producer, Natalie, turns the tables and interviews Leanne about her background and her journey to becoming a therapist. Leanne talks about the tremendous value of staying tuned-in. We must be in tune with ourselves if we want to have any hope of empowering our clients to be in tune.

Spirituality can be a very helpful concept to share with your clients. Learn how to do this tactfully and powerfully so that they, too, can draw on strength from a higher energy.

Thanks for tuning in for our episode today. We’re so happy to be able to feature Leanne and her experience and development as a therapist.

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