19 - Tips for Therapists Who Want to Build a Life That Includes Sacred Rest

Envision the type of therapist you want to be. Is she wise, compassionate and caring? Absolutely. She’s also this: Rested. Welcome to the Inspired Therapist Podcast! Today Leanne is joined by her producer Natalie Pyles to discuss the importance of making time for sacred rest.

As therapists and entrepreneurs we have to hustle. It’s exciting and we are building our amazing practices, but it’s hard work. We need to make sure that our rest time isn’t just a break, but that it is restorative. What refuels you? For Leanne she’s noticed that when she carves out more transition time, so she isn’t rushing across town to and from back-to-back events, and she can sit for a few extra minutes and just breathe, she feels like a million bucks! Let us know what you do to achieve sacred rest!

Thank you so much for tuning in to The Inspired Therapist Podcast today. We’ll be back next week!

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