16 - Expert Public Relations Tips for Your New Therapy Practice

Today Leanne welcomes special guest Catherine Campbell founder of Bright Planning to teach us how to make our practices stand out in the media. Welcome to The Inspired Therapist Podcast!

Public relations is really about building long-term relationships.

It is as simple as trying to find ways to meaningfully contribute valuable knowledge to media outlets. Leanne likes to notice and call attention to trends that she notices as a way of sharing industry insights.

Listen in to learn tips about being authentic while still being professional. There's a fine line. Catherine discusses how one unique challenge in our field is that of sharing an authentic case study or testimonial without compromising patient confidentiality. Tune in to hear how to navigate public relations, media coverage and your practice's image.

Check out Catherine here:

Bright Planning - Website has blog and podcast with weekly articles

Find us on Instagram at @brightplanning


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