1 - How Therapists Can Take the Leap and Build a Thriving Private Practice

Welcome to The Inspired Therapist Podcast. Your host Leanne Peterson helps therapists build successful careers and market their private practices while ensuring that they remain a source of inspiration to their own clients. She's a business coach for Life Coaches.

Today Leanne is talking to special guest Sarah Kupper about how to transition from your day job to your own thriving private therapy practice, gaining confidence and enriching self-care habits along the way.

Leanne and Sarah discuss how to navigate education, internships and various assignments as you learn and grow into an experienced therapist.

Learn some great times for scheduling self-care that will enrich your energy and expand your influence.

“You’re not one certification away from an active thriving practice, you’re one marketing technique away from an active thriving practice.”

Sarah says she just really loves talking to people one on one. When you realize you really want this! You do the self work to invite success for your practice with your whole being, holding nothing back.

Thanks for tuning in!

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