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Often our path to success is slowed because we are missing a key ingredient. It is like trying to make chocolate chip cookies (my absolute favorite!) without the vanilla. Everything else is pretty obvious, but how would you know that vanilla is in the cookie unless you have seen the recipe? You may not have know it was there, or what was missing in your end product, but you know something is off.


If I haven't lost you on a grocery store cookie run yet, great! Because there are important lessons here. 


  • There are key ingredients that make up private practice success

  • Often we are not aware of what those key ingredients are.

  • It is impacting the outcome, AKA, your bottom line ($$$) and satisfaction.


This course is about giving you the recipie so that you can make sure your practice has all the key ingredients.


Sounds delicious, doesn't it?! 







I had a colleague who always made baked goods without a good recipe. You can imagine the outcome. But you know what? No one had the heart to tell her. Her cookies looked good. People wanted to try her cookies. But she was missing something important.


Because there is an art to creating a delicious cookie and an order to the process. She was able to emulate the outer appearance of a good cookie, but she was not able to create the delicious inside.


  • If you are looking at other's practices and trying to copy by sight without a recipe, it is easy to create something that looks good but that is not functioning how you would like or at its maximum potential. 


And just like I never told my colleague her cookies were awful, there are things that people haven't told you that things are off in the way you are operating your practice (whether it is because they don't know or don't want to hurt your feelings). 















Did you know that you cook cookies in the oven longer or shorter depending on the humidity level or alititude? 


That is right! There is not one set temperature and baking time that works for every home in America. There is not even one set temperature and baking time that will work for your home every time.


The same is true for private practice! I work six days a week, see fewer clients per day and feel energized while my therapist colleague sees more clients per day but needs three days off in a row to feel good.


Before my son was born, I had one schedule that worked great; after my son was born, I have a totally different schedule.


  • We need to constantly be checking in to make sure that our practice is working for us. 













Oh and the quality of the ingredients matter. The best chocolate chip cookie I ever had was made by a woman who refused to comprimise on the ingredients. I think she may have made a 10 cent profit on each cookie after she spent so much on the ingredients, but I am telling you, I could taste it! 


  • We need to make sure that we are in a good, centered place so that we are delivering our best work.

  • Burnt out, overwhelmed, tired, i.e., just over it = not the best therapist

  • We need good energy to attracting new clients and opportunities to our practices.


I think this practice metaphor is good, but it would probably be better if I were eating a chocolate chip cookie right now as I write. Why? Because I would really be IN IT. And for our practices, our clients and ourselves we really want to be IN IT. Not burnt out from it. Don't even get me started on burnt cookies...


It is time to


  • perfect your therapy/coaching offering by using the right ingredients

  • have someone lovingly point out what may be off in your practice and offer solutions

  • make sure you are adjusting your practice to fit what you need

  • take excellent care of yourself

  • make sure you are doing your own work so that you can do the best work with others


Energetically (because I definitely have my hippie side) this course is all about bringing your practice into alignment so that your practice will:


  • draw in clients

  • supporting you financially with the lifestyle you want

  • feel peaceful and in the flow (see, I am a hippie)


How can a course do all that, you ask? I am glad you did! Because the answer is simple. The more we are in alignment with our practice, what we are offering and how we are serving, the more we can do our best work for others, which creates and maintains success. It is kind of like magic (you know like the way a great chocolate chip cookie melts in your mouth).


Already feeling overwhelmed with your practice and all the things that you "should do"?


  • This course is about SMALL changes that make a HUGE difference.


I know how confusing, isolating and downright discouraging having a private practice can be at times, and on the flip side, I know how much fun and freedom can come from understanding and enjoying your success. And on the real side, I know that it can flip flop, and I KNOW that having support is what we need throughout it all.

This course is for:


  • Therapists, counselors and those of us in the mental health profession with private practices


  • Life coaches


  • Other helping professions

If you have been working alone in building a private practice, a clear path and support system are just what you need to take your practice to the next level.

This 8-week course is the perfect opportunity to check in with many levels of your practice. Check out the roadmap below.

Week 1


Upgrade your first impression with clients and colleagues so that you wow people once they find you!


Week 2


Bring attention to the space you do your work in and meet with people in (online or in-person) and see how to improve it so that you can create a space that people love to be in.

Week 3


Improve your process so that you can seamlessly get new clients in the door and started on their path with you.


Week 4


Pinpoint the areas you could use help to increase your earning potential and capacity.


Week 5


Confront your limitations and understand what is holding you back so that you can find even more success.


Week 6


Discover what inspires you and make a commitment to implement it to keep your work fresh and your clients coming back.


Week 7


Check in with yourself and see where you can continue to grow, change and fine-tune to be a poster child of what you want for others.


Week 8


Reflect on what is working, not working and what can bridge the gap between the two so that your practice can continue to evolve and expand.

Course Format:

  • 8 weeks

  • Eight 10-minute videos

  • Weekly lessons

  • Targeted assignments

  • Easily implemented action steps

Investment: Two payments of $250

For less than a $10 a day you will get a targeted, cohesive plan that will help you become a magnet for clients, set up a business that supports you as well as others and allows you to be the best therapist/coach out there.



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